Men steal tip jar from Antioch restaurant

ANTIOCH, TN (WSMV) – An Antioch restaurant says it is disappointed after two men stole a tip jar from the establishment.

Surveillance video from Yoshi Sushi & Thai Thursday night caught the incident on tape.

Workers at the restaurant say the two men in the bottom portion of the video came to pick up a meal on Monday for Uber Eats. The men showed a confirmation order and left with the food without incident.

Three days later, they came back to do the same thing. This time, they did not have a confirmation and instead took the tip jar.

"I’m really disappointed," worker Ming Pichidtammarat said. "These people have a job. Then they come in here and steal people’s money; people work hard for that money."

Workers at the restaurant did not chase them because they did not want to put themselves in danger. The restaurant contacted police, but an officer has not yet shown up to take the video. They did, however, take a report.

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