WATCH: Tennessee OC Larry Scott demands ‘purpose and violence’ on field

WATCH: Tennessee OC Larry Scott demands ‘purpose and violence’ on field

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — If Tennessee’s offense proves as tough as coordinator Larry Scott talks, the Vols will be a contender.

Scott, a former offensive lineman at South Florida and interim head coach at Miami, said Sunday that fall camp is about making players “find a way to be comfortable being uncomfortable.”

It’s not confusing once it becomes clear that Scott’s priority for the offense — beyond execution — is making Tennessee more physical.

“Having a hard edge, having some toughness,” Scott said, “having the ability to focus in times we need you to focus.”

The fact the Vols don’t begin practicing in full pads until Saturday is no excuse not to be physical, according to Scott.

“Violent feet and violent hands,” Scott said of the helmets and shirt. “Everything is done with intentions, and with purpose and with violence.”

Being comfortable being uncomfortable.

“I want to apply a lot of pressure on every guy on offense, top of the roster to bottom of the roster,” Scott said. “I want them to understand what consistent performance is all about, whether we have to pressurize that each and every day, or if some guys are old enough to get it.

“That’s our job right now in camp, is to apply as much pressure as we can to each of them to reach their full potential.”

Tennessee held its second practice on Sunday and has 24 more practice leading up to its opener against Georgia Tech.

The Yellow Jackets went 3-0 against the SEC East Division last season with wins over Georgia, Kentucky and Vanderbilt.

Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson has said he’s on board with the notion that the ACC is the best conference in college football, pointing out that the ACC has won two of the past four national championships.

The Yellow Jackets run a triple option on offense and are considered one of the more physical teams in the nation.

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